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                  corporate responsibility

                  Corporate Responsibility

                  At J.B. Hunt, corporate responsibility isn't just a catchphrase. It means being responsible to the people who keep us in business: our employees, our customers and our investors. It's our commitment to employee and public safety through clean, well-organized maintenance facilities, a modern, well-maintained fleet of trucks, and ongoing employee training and safety education programs. Corporate responsibility means offering our customers capacity-oriented solutions and delivering value and industry-leading service at every turn. Corporate responsibility is our commitment to sustained long-term growth and industry innovations that continue to provide real value to our shareholders and business partners.

                  J.B. Hunt was established in 1961, but the transport side of the business was established in 1969 with a fleet of five trucks and seven refrigerated trailers. Today, we employ more than 20,000 people, operate a nationwide fleet of approximately 15,000 tractors and 113,000 trailers and containers, and our annual revenues exceed $6 billion.

                  Many things have changed since J.B. Hunt opened for business more than 45 years ago. But our commitment to J.B. Hunt employees, customers and investors will always be a top priority. After all, that's what brought us this far.