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                  Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance

                  With a past and present more than 50 years in the making, we know how important it is to look toward the future.

                  Doing business today in ways that help preserve and protect the people we serve and the world in which we live is the best way to take care of business. From reducing our carbon footprint and keeping the roads safer, to embracing the diversity of our customers and people, we're in it for the long haul.

                  We do what we can to make business decisions that have a positive impact on the things that matter most.

                  Environmental Sustainability

                  At J.B. Hunt, we put forth a conscious effort to make business decisions that have a positive impact on the environment. From decreasing overall carbon dioxide emissions to saving energy and cutting fuel costs, environmental sustainability drives the future of our planet and our business.

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                  Public Safety

                  Ensuring the roads are safe for our drivers and everyone they share the road with is important to us. We train drivers to understand and comply with required safety measures. And we equip them with technology designed to make the equipment they use safer.

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                  Social Issues

                  Doing business to the best of our ability also means acknowledging and addressing important social issues. As a company, we support numerous initiatives that reflect the values most important to our customers and employees.

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                  Corporate Governance

                  To maintain the success of our business, J.B. Hunt adheres to rules and practices designed to promote accountability and transparency in our relationships with stakeholders. This includes our employees, management, customers, investors, government, and communities.

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